Our First 24 in Lech

The bus to Lech

The Arlberg Express bus was exactly where the directions said it would be outside of the arrival terminals at Zurich airport….. BUT
that meant it was a bit of an adventure to FIND it from where the hotel shuttle bus dropped us off!
With 2 ski bags, 2 large roller bags, 2 carry one pieces, my boot bag, a black back cushion and “a personal item!” We have a lot to wrangle around airports!!
Especially when that requires using escalators!!!
But we made it without having to rush.
It’s allowed to push the luggage carts onto the escalator…. fond memories of Fran ( my dad!) not believing that until we did it!! Back in the early 80s.

There has been lots of snow overnight!
And reasonable dry weather during the day!
It’s all good!
We’ve had dinners at Cafe Gotthard and Ambrosius Stubl,

This thing is great
You push the baggage carts right onto it!!
The old church at night in the snow

Toured around the city center on foot, gotten Euros from a hole in the wall and skied two runs! On the lower Schleggelkopf!

As the day ends … we’re both still ambulatory!! And I’m just icing a twisted knee ( unfortunately the same one that previously had a medial collateral ligament sprain!!! )

Lech is Skier MECCA…..
the birthplace of “the Arlberg method!”
Home of Olympic gold medalists and
Site of the Strolz ski boot factory!

Author: TOLD

I'm a 67 year old single female with lots of travel and writing experience! I've been a Zimmermadchen/ ski bum in Lech am Arlberg, Austria and in Vail, Colorado. I spent a year in Teheran, Iran where I worked as a Logistics Technician and wrote spare parts lists for airplanes in the IIAF. You can see me as an extra in two movies: CHARAS, about drug smuggling in Malta ( filmed in Mumbai-Ballywood) and ZULU DAWN. Starting Burt Lancaster and Peter O 'Toole, Zulu Dawn was filmed in Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa. Technical writing proved to be an interesting career as computer word processing technology developed after the early 1980s.. When that work became an activity for " contract writers!", I stepped into another career as a math and science teacher for DYS schools. Now retired, I have time to visit friends and see the rest of the world! Please join me as visit SEAsia and explore the Then and Now of "rough!" Travel!!

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