There is nothing Quite Like a Swiss Air REDEYE to Zurich

We made it!!

we are overnighting in the Zurich Airport Holiday Inn

we have so much stuff to schlepp around .. fortunately there are usually roller carts!!  It took us so so long to get off the plane and get there customs … we missed the whole baggage claim carousel thing …. out bags and skis were the only things left !! ( safely waiting for us !! Ah Switzerland!)

now to just be FLAT

before we tour the city ( maybe!)

The plane was totally full  and not a recommended carrier! A300-330. ( I think) ROUGH ride! Cramped economy but great food and excellent service!

I never felt qweezy on a plane before?!

watched Manchester by the Sea, couldn’t get interested in Jackie, and the Meryl S movie about the terrible singer .. well … listening to all of those horrible performances… shocking!!

big bang theory ‘s Mr Wollowitz! Was excellent as the pianist /

A great place to be flat!!
On our way to the baggage claim TRAIN!!
There is snow on the mountains





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