My Muong Thanh Breakfast Buffet

These breakfast buffets are amazing
These breakfast buffets are amazing
Asparagus crab soup
Asparagus crab soup

Muong Thanh Breakfast Buffet Land

This one is amazing!!
They have Kim Chi!!
I am doing last chance Vietnamese / Asian breakfast and enjoying ALL of it !! ( mostly!)
Having a Scandinavian smorgasbord background, I feel obligated to taste little bits of almost everything!! I know it’s living dangerously but …. Why not!?!?!

*Asparagus crab soup with fried wonton and fried sweet potato chip
( not quite hot enough … But tasty

** Assorted Asian “entrĂ©es ”
Singapore stir fry with noodles,
Sea bass with passion fruit sauce
Steamed Shrimp / prawn dumplings
Steamed corn in milk

Stir fries, dumpling and corn
Stir fries, dumpling and corn

***Pho ga
I only wanted a little custom-made pho, without the pork .. The chef understood little but NOT, no pork!! So I had chopsticks skill drill picking the bits out of the soup!!
I added the extras! Lettuce ( yum) lime, soy, and some funny dried banana tree threads!!

Pho ga with lettuce, lime, and funny dried banana plant threads
Pho ga with lettuce, lime, and funny dried banana plant threads

****Fruits and Dessert
Watermelon, dragonfruit and grapes ( which definitely try to roll off the plate)
Passion fruit mousse, coconut cake and chocolate eclair


With lots of tea

I guess I’ll be ready for a short stroll, a swim and the final packing up

I’m going to miss Vietnam !!


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  1. Looks like breakfast buffet could last all day . The dessert plate has just made me very hungry,especially coconut cake .
    See you soon ,safe flight what a adventure.

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