We skied the White Ring .. from Lech to Zurs

After over a foot of fresh powder fell in the last 24 hours… on Wednesday morning the sun was shining brightly in the blue sky and we determined that even with my twisted knee … we definitely had to ski !!

The entire town was on the mountain early …, we managed to dress, have breakfast, redress and prepare to ski, actually put on our ski boots and walk to the Rufikopf lift by about 11!!

It was spectacular!!

pictures are really impossible!

but with perfect packed powder on the blue/ beginner piste … we made it to Zurs EVENTUALLY with only a slight bobble on the mid-mountain T-bar!! I had to get off and let us each go individually…. that worked out great because I did a bit of … out of necessity powder skiing (awesome – what skier live for!)

one run on the beginner piste is so terribly PATHETIC!! But it was all we could do … and we are insanely PROUD of our accomplishments!

we had beverages in Zurs, took the post bus back to Lech, had a sunbar beer at the Gasthof Post, hot soup and pizza snack at the Antonius and then fantastic dinner at Hotel Kristberg!!

Egon Zimmerman actually came by for a chat and to welcome us to his restaurant!! Exceptional  Hospitality!!

A sunny day after the snow

Perfect conditions

Our First 24 in Lech

The bus to Lech

The Arlberg Express bus was exactly where the directions said it would be outside of the arrival terminals at Zurich airport….. BUT
that meant it was a bit of an adventure to FIND it from where the hotel shuttle bus dropped us off!
With 2 ski bags, 2 large roller bags, 2 carry one pieces, my boot bag, a black back cushion and “a personal item!” We have a lot to wrangle around airports!!
Especially when that requires using escalators!!!
But we made it without having to rush.
It’s allowed to push the luggage carts onto the escalator…. fond memories of Fran ( my dad!) not believing that until we did it!! Back in the early 80s.

There has been lots of snow overnight!
And reasonable dry weather during the day!
It’s all good!
We’ve had dinners at Cafe Gotthard and Ambrosius Stubl,

This thing is great
You push the baggage carts right onto it!!
The old church at night in the snow

Toured around the city center on foot, gotten Euros from a hole in the wall and skied two runs! On the lower Schleggelkopf!

As the day ends … we’re both still ambulatory!! And I’m just icing a twisted knee ( unfortunately the same one that previously had a medial collateral ligament sprain!!! )

Lech is Skier MECCA…..
the birthplace of “the Arlberg method!”
Home of Olympic gold medalists and
Site of the Strolz ski boot factory!

There is nothing Quite Like a Swiss Air REDEYE to Zurich

We made it!!

we are overnighting in the Zurich Airport Holiday Inn

we have so much stuff to schlepp around .. fortunately there are usually roller carts!!  It took us so so long to get off the plane and get there customs … we missed the whole baggage claim carousel thing …. out bags and skis were the only things left !! ( safely waiting for us !! Ah Switzerland!)

now to just be FLAT

before we tour the city ( maybe!)

The plane was totally full  and not a recommended carrier! A300-330. ( I think) ROUGH ride! Cramped economy but great food and excellent service!

I never felt qweezy on a plane before?!

watched Manchester by the Sea, couldn’t get interested in Jackie, and the Meryl S movie about the terrible singer .. well … listening to all of those horrible performances… shocking!!

big bang theory ‘s Mr Wollowitz! Was excellent as the pianist /

A great place to be flat!!
On our way to the baggage claim TRAIN!!
There is snow on the mountains





Waiting at the airport

Lots of luggage needed for a ski trip


we made it to the airport EARLY!!

but that was ok because we could check our luggage and get through security and have a tasty fish and chips dinner at Durkin Park!

Now we wait!!

We did find a spot to have a Free Sample of Jameson! And of course ….. the selfie mirror!

up up and away!!

Off on the Great Ski Adventure TODAY

Here’s Annie slicing the Hannafords double chocolate cake for dessert…. we plan on having hazelnutcake in Lech

Things are starting to take shape… it is feeling REAL

Annie arrived from Vermont, having traveled throughgale force winds all afternoon! To find Christine ready to meet her and April on hold at the library to swing by with the Chinese for dinner!

WE have SO much luggage!!

My Muong Thanh Breakfast Buffet

These breakfast buffets are amazing
These breakfast buffets are amazing
Asparagus crab soup
Asparagus crab soup

Muong Thanh Breakfast Buffet Land

This one is amazing!!
They have Kim Chi!!
I am doing last chance Vietnamese / Asian breakfast and enjoying ALL of it !! ( mostly!)
Having a Scandinavian smorgasbord background, I feel obligated to taste little bits of almost everything!! I know it’s living dangerously but …. Why not!?!?!

*Asparagus crab soup with fried wonton and fried sweet potato chip
( not quite hot enough … But tasty

** Assorted Asian “entrées ”
Singapore stir fry with noodles,
Sea bass with passion fruit sauce
Steamed Shrimp / prawn dumplings
Steamed corn in milk

Stir fries, dumpling and corn
Stir fries, dumpling and corn

***Pho ga
I only wanted a little custom-made pho, without the pork .. The chef understood little but NOT, no pork!! So I had chopsticks skill drill picking the bits out of the soup!!
I added the extras! Lettuce ( yum) lime, soy, and some funny dried banana tree threads!!

Pho ga with lettuce, lime, and funny dried banana plant threads
Pho ga with lettuce, lime, and funny dried banana plant threads

****Fruits and Dessert
Watermelon, dragonfruit and grapes ( which definitely try to roll off the plate)
Passion fruit mousse, coconut cake and chocolate eclair


With lots of tea

I guess I’ll be ready for a short stroll, a swim and the final packing up

I’m going to miss Vietnam !!